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This script has been made and based on a real court system, which includes the national bar system.


Thanks to Project Rogue Roleplay for this detail run down on the script! 


  • Public Court & Bar Interactions:
    • View current public court cases that have been made public with the time and date. 
    • Arrange an appointment with the court staff, this can be used as a way for licenses/name changes/ or a submit to start a court case. 
    • Sign up to jury service which enables you to be called up a court case if selected, if called up you will be able to give a verdict on a court case assigned to via using the 3rd eye on the location in which you set it too. You can set a join up amount in the config in which the player will receive as a thank you for joining, If a player is assigned to a case and the case finishes they can also collect a per summons payment at the front of the court in which can be set in the config. 
    • Sign up to the national bar association to take an exam in which questions and answers can be set in the config, this also includes status updates via the supported phones. Once passed you can collect your Bar license which is used as an item to show nearby players (this is a UI card which is include as an picture below).


  • Court Staff Interactions:
    • Appointments: This includes appointment requests in which you can set a time & date of the appointment for the player, once approved the player will receive a text/email to there phone either if they are online or offline so players are kept in the loop.  The court staff can also view scheduled appointments to make sure they are there when the appointment is due, with this option you can also finish the appointment so it removes from the database and is kept clean.     
    • National Bar Association: This part of the script is controlled via the judge, the judge can check background checks when a player passes the exam, and approve or deny the applications. Once the application has been approved the player will receive a text/email with the acceptance details enclosed. This system also includes a bar members option to view current members and remove them if needed in which you will be prompted with an input to give a reason of removal. There is also an extended exam in which the judge can set questions and answers  for if a player fails on the first attempt of the bar exam. The judge can renew players exam retake via the denied applications option.
    • Criminal Record Archives: This is an option in the config if you wanted to use this, in a started court case the judge can add a criminal record to the player of choosing which would be the defendant or the defence. They would give an input reason on the added record this can be used as a system for checking if a player has a criminal before accepting them as a bar member. 
    • Creating a court case: Judges can create a court case by setting a name of the case and to configure the case to add a defendant/defence including jury members. Other configurable options would be (date/time, settlement fee, changing the case status to public/private and sending a pre made discord notification to your preferred channel via a webhook), If a player gets added as a defendant/defence or jury they will receive a text/email with the details included.  Once the case has been configured the judge assigned to the case can start proceeding in which they will be able to access the case in the court room.     
    • Configuring a started court case: The judge can change the settlement fee/add a criminal record/make payments to players that are awarded fees/adjourning court/view jury votes  & finishing the court case.



  • It's almost fully configurable and it's done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file in which includes all of the menu text also.
  • Resource is protected with FiveM's escrow system, however it's not the entire resource, you will have access to webhook.lua in the server folder including the config.lua and target.lua also. If there is any part of the script in which you need access to open a ticket in the discord and I will sort that out for you.
    Make sure to:
    • Server Artifacts version must be 4752 or higher.
    • Server license key must be owned by the same account which you make the tebex purchase from. 
    • Restart server to gain access to the resource in-game.


  • All support, issues and/or bugs is done through a support-ticket on my Official Discord
  • We can offer support for custom changes depending on the demand and time needed to make changes.
  • If needed we can help with installing it on your server if required.

I or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product do not condone, support, promote, encourage or incentivize these or any type of activities relation to criminal acts in real life. This product is purely for at roleplay environment and video game-/play purposes.



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